Product Offerings

AV Solutions(Audio Video & Video Conferencing)

IP Surveillance (CCTV) IP & Analog Solutions

UPS Solutions (600 VA to 500KVA)

SMF Batteries (7AH to 200AH)

Inverter Solutions

Inverter Batteries

Solar Inverter & Solar UPS

Wireless Security & Calling Systems

Fire Alarm System - Conventional, Addressable

Access Control System – Standalone, Network enabled.

Intrusion Alarm System – Wired, Wireless

Under Vehicle Scanning System – Embedded, Robotic.

Metal Detection System Hand Held, Door Frame

Entry Management System -Boom Barrier, Bollards, Turnstiles

Car Parking System - Standalone, TCP/IP based, RFID based

Home Automation Systems - Multi Apartment Model, Standalone.

Public Address Systems

EPBAX and IP-PBX Solutions

Wire-less Intercom

Industrial Wi-Fi

Large Scale IT Integration

Custom Hardware Development

Industrial Automation

Comfort & Split AC’s

PAC (Precision AC)

Structure Cabling Solution

Smart Racks

Smart Boards

Laptop, Desktop and Printers